Madame Nadia

Madame Nadia is an enchantress, a hereditary diviner, and a writer and filmmaker with flare for all things beautiful, glamorous, and artistic. She was born in Eastern Europe, raised in the Middle East, and currently resides with her family in the Midwest.

An intuitive healer, and a trained Usui Reiki practitioner, Madame Nadia’s magical experience is also firmly grounded in concrete knowledge of several magico-religious traditions with ancient roots (more about my background here). Nonetheless, when serving clients, Madame Nadia operates mainly on the periphery of folk-magic – and particularly within the Southern folk-magic tradition of hoodoo.

seal-certified-practitionerWith years of solitary practice under her belt of enchantments, Madame Nadia became a founding member of the Independent Reader and Rootworkers Association, and a diviner on the respectable Hoodoo Psychics network. Madame Nadia is often featured on the first and longest-running hoodoo radio show, the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Hour.

In addition to her fortunetelling, conjure and enchantment services, Madame Nadia produces a blog dedicated to divination practices. Her love for cartomancy and art has led her to become a prominent collector of vintage, modern, and post-modern tarot and oracle decks; as well as other unique tools of fortune predictions and communication with the Spirit world, which she often shares through on her YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr feed.

Feel free to text Madame Nadia at +1 (708) 965-7447