Magical Work with Madame Nadia

— where sparks of magic, glamour, and success glimmer in the velvety depths of my cauldron of conjurations.

Mission Statement:
NadiaConjureMadame Nadia’s spiritual guidance, magical coaching, ceremonial crafting, and alluring enchantments will inspire, enlighten, and transform the lives of her patrons in positive, empowering, and profound ways.

My Dos:
My enchantment work revolves around facilitating healthy changes in the lives of my clients, allowing them to attract fortunate opportunities and cornucopias success. I am here to hold sacred space for you — illuminating the profane and the sacred with faithful honesty, yet without judgment. I am my patrons’ spiritual muse, advocate, and confidant. When we’re inspired, we begin to dream, believe, and attract possibilities. It is when we turn our mind’s “I think I can” switch, the manifestation job becomes as simple as figuring out the way from point A to point B. Just instead of using a choo choo train, it is the vehicles of prayer, ritual, and folk-magic to manifest the desired success, love, and peace of mind.

Glamour Conjure®
NadiaLoveBindingI am a lady-hearted worker; and seeing my ladies reach for the stars, while wearing red lipstick and sipping bubbly champagne gives me absolute pleasure. My favorite type of hoodooing is what I call Glamour Conjure®. I teach my clients that they deserve the good things in life. By activating their “inner lodestone,” I open their roads to abundance and fulfillment, as they gradually begin attracting the good things they long fork and deserve.

Specifically, spell casting in areas of allure, attraction, female mysteries, glamor magic, and motherhood are very close to my heart. I am committed to helping resolve my clients’ low self-esteem and negative body image problems.

And in matters of the heart, I will earnestly work to bring you a compatible partner who would not only satisfy you sexually, but who will also stay faithful to you as long as you so desire!

Showbiz Mojo
NadiaHealingRItualIn addition, my magical specialty is success and creative breakthrough work. I have formal training in Cinema and the Fine Arts, so naturally I posses crucial understanding of the ins and outs of the show business industry. My arsenal of enchantments if calibrated with some potent showbiz mojo in mind.

In addition to Glamour Conjure®, Showbiz Mojo, divination services, magical remediation advice, and spiritual coaching, I also:

  • Enhance psychic abilities
  • Each divination & meditation techniques
  • Break through blockages of low self-esteem, negative body image, & bad habits
  • Remove crossed conditions & evil eye.

At times I will take legal and protection cases, and would even perform rituals of revenge and hexing, but only if a particular situation is justified by Spirit and is approved by my Ancestors and Guides.

My Don’ts:
NadiaAncestralWorkI have no interest in being my clients’ spiritual crutch. I thrive on witnessing them rise from the ashes of misfortune as new, capable, authentic, and independent individuals. I won’t tell you that you have a dark cloud over your head if you have none. I won’t feed your paranoia or bias either. Racism, misogyny, and any notion of religious, sexual or lifestyle discrimination aren’t acceptable, and will be nipped at the bud. I consider the relationship between a patron and a spiritual practitioner sacred. All that you share with me will always be kept confidential. However, I believe in honesty — I will always tell you what I think and see with my mind’s eye. And I expect the same from you! However, if I detect intentional dishonesty or a manipulation I will discontinue our relationship in no time.

Finally, I DO NOT perform unjustified hexing, cursing, and revenge spells. I DO NOT offer breakup work, nor do I take reconciliation cases. I won’t mind teaching you how to do it on your own, though.

Taking Magical Cases & Quoting Prices
NadiaSpellBookAn Investigation Reading with My Spiritual Court:

Before accepting any kind of enchantment commission — be it as simple as setting a light, or as complicated as a multilayered uncrossing and protection job — I always consult my Ancestors and Spiritual Court!

The actual ritual is a complicated investigation divination that I perform only after I’ve read for a client, and we determined that there is a need in spiritual intervention. I then approach my Spirit Guides, and ask them firstly if I have a blessing to work for a certain client. And if their reply with a “Yes,” then I continue investigating regarding the specifics of the enchantment.

Prices of Magical Offerins:
NadiaHoneyJarOnly after receiving the instructions of my Spiritual Court I will quote the price for the recommended work. My candle work starts at $35 per candle, and my ceremonial offerings are usually $666.

What if the Answer is “No”?
In case my Ancestors have replied with a “No,” please don’t despair. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your case is hopeless. There could be a myriad of reasons I cannot work for you.

If such situation arises, it would be my pleasure recommending a credible and honest colleague who would potentially be good for your case. And if you are interested, I’ll gladly put you in touch with them.